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This page is intended for knowledgeable IT professionals with extensive Windows Server and Networking experience. The instructions and information provided below assumes that the reader already has some experience with iLit deployment. In both deployment options, option A (Cloud) and option B (Content Server), all data is uploaded and downloaded directly to the Cloud. In option B where a content server is used, the only thing downloaded from the server is content.

The deployment option chosen for each customer will be made based on a collaborative decision between the customer and Pearson. The decision is based primarily on concurrent usage by students, the network Internet download speed and the access point, or LAN speed. Performance testing indicates that each student will require approximately 330 Kbps nominally. This is nominal and therefore does not account for the peak loads.

Choosing the deployment configuration is not easily determined without having several pieces of information. In many cases, it is clearly option A or B but in other cases it is a difficult determination. In order to make the process more deterministic in the border cases, Pearson has developed a model for calculating the recommended solution. Regardless of the option chosen, the system can be scaled if performance at a school or specific classroom becomes an issue.

The information that is required to make a more predictable deployment configuration decision includes:

  1. District to Cloud Internet speed (D2C)
  2. School to District speed (S2D)
  3. Classroom Bandwidth (CB) using our preferred speed test utility:
  4. Average # Students per Class (ASC)
  5. Concurrent Classes per School (CCS)
  6. Number of Schools using iLit in the district (SI)

Once you have gathered the information for the six (6) items listed above then contact your Customer Care Manager for assistance with the deployment configuration selection and a possible site assessment. An optional spread sheet is available to download below:

Option B Content Server Deployment
Adobe Reader
Deployment Option Calculator iLitDeploymentConfigurationWorksheet.xlsx
iLit 5.x System Requirements iLit5xSystemRequirements.pdf
Mac Mini Boot Camp Instructions MacMiniBootCampInstructions.pdf

When the determination is made that one or more content servers are required. The following instructions are provided along with a setup program that will install the required Windows web and native services. These services will download content only from the cloud and keep it in sync with any new or updated content.

iLit released Jul 28th, 2015
Option B Instructions DeploymentOptionBInstructions.pdf
Deployment Option 2 or (B) Setup